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Top 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tool

To start a blog or website, the first thing that we need is a domain name. A domain name is an address of your site on the internet. I recommend choosing a good domain at the starting of the site because later it will be difficult to change the domain name.
If you need domain name suggestions, then there are many free domain name suggestion tools available on the web, which will help you to find the best domain names for your new blog. Today in this article I’m going to share a list of those top 5 domain name suggestion tools that are worth trying.
I will also tell you about the strength and weaknesses of these domain name suggestion tools. You just need to put your desired keyword on these tools to get the list of domain name suggestion based on your entered keywords. You should give these tools a try, and I’m sure you will be not disappointed.

List of Top 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools



Namemesh is one of the best domain name generator tools. It divides the suggestion list according to categories like common, short, Fun, Similar, SEO, etc. If you need SEO friendly domain name, then you quickly select one from the SEO category.

The only weakness of this tool is that it doesn’t show marketplace domain names on the suggestion list.



Domainsbot is the most recommended tool to get domain name suggestions. The plus point of this tool is that It also shows those domain names that are for sale in SEDO and GoDaddy marketplace. This tool also allows you to add prefixes and suffixes that you want in your domain name.

The weakness of this tool is that it shows very little suggestion.



Panabee is one of the best business name and domain name ideas generator tools. It is useful for both keywords rich and brandable domain names. A Broken heart in the suggestion list means the suggested domain name already registered or not available.

This tool also checks the related social media usernames and similar terms to the keyword. The weakness of this tool is it shows very low quality and very less domain name suggestions.



LeanDomainSearch generates thousands of domain suggestions by adding popular prefixes and suffixes in your entered keyword. It allows you to sort results by popularity, length, and alphabetically.

This tool also checks the availability of Twitter usernames for the selected domain name. LeanDomainSearch is owned and managed by WordPress parent company Automattic Inc. The weakness of the lean-domain search tool is that it shows the suggestion only .COM TLD domain.



DomainIT is another excellent tool to find available domain name suggestions. It shows results on .COM .NET .TV and .CC extension only. You can also choose the maximum length of a domain name, topical filter, basic filter, and similar filter in this tool.

The disadvantage of this tool is most of the suggestions given are not relevant and of low quality.

Some Other Domain Name Suggestion Tools:


I hope the above article helps you find the best domain name suggestion tools that help you buy the perfect domain for your new site. If you ask me which tool is best of all the above-mentioned tool then I will always go with names.

Because suggestions given by name mesh tools are really good and relevant. If you know any other tools that I forgot to mention in this article then let users know about that tool in the comments.



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