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How to set caller tune in live phone in 2 ways?

How to set caller tune in live phoneThe In fact, Reliance Jio has changed the way we use our SmartPhone. Where before we used to set Caller Tune in our phone very thoughtfully, in today’s time, due to the setting of Caller Tune in Jio Phone, it is free to set any tune you want.

But even today, there are some people who do not even have the idea that Jio offers free caller tunes service in the name of JioTunes, it can be activated without any premium or fee.

Jio Tunes provides a catalog in which approx. More than 4 lakhs The songs are mehjud, while anyone can set their favorite songs according to Caller Tune. At the same time, you can also activate this service with the help of SMS. So in today’s article “jio phone me caller tune kaise lagaye”, we will know all the ways by which you can easily set live tune in your Jio Phone. Then let’s start.

Jio Phone Me Caller Tune Kaise Lagaye

Here we are going to tell you two ways, in which the first way is of Jio Music App and the second way is of message. In the first way, you should have Jio’s Jio Music App installed. With this you can set Hello Tunes for free without any hassle.

In the second way, you have to make a message to Simple Jio, after which you can select any song and set a hello tune or caller tune, so let’s know both ways.

How to install Caller Tune with Jio Music App in Jio Phone?

So let’s know how you can set Caller Tune in Jio phone through Jio Music App.
1. First of all, you have to download Jio Music App in your live phone if you have not already downloaded it then.

Hopefully, if you have Jio SIM then you must have My Jio App. Because with the help of this app you can install Jio Music App easily.

2. Now you have to open this downloaded Jio Music App. There you will find a Search Box where you can choose your favorite songs.

3. Once you have selected a song, then click on that song. Now many options will come in front of you, in which one option will also be written in which ” Set as Jio Tune“. By clicking on it, you can set that song according to Jio Tune.

4. If you click on a song, you Set as Jio Tune The option was not visible, which means that the song is not available for Caller Tune at the moment. In this case, you can choose other songs.

5. As soon as you click on Set as Jio Tune, then in a while, that song will be set according to the Caller Tune you get in your Jio phone. Once set, you will also be sent a message and email that you have successfully set the song for the caller tune and you can easily follow your stated things very easily. Can set Free Caller Tune in Jio Phone In just minutes.

How to set Caller Tune by sending message or SMS in Jio Phone?

Now we will know how you can set Caller Tune by sending a message or SMS to your live phone.

1. You have to send an SMS in Jio Phone to set caller tune via SMS. In which you have to send SMS JP to 56789 with the codes mentioned below.

These codes are something like this

  • MOVIE send it to 56789
  • ALBUM send it to 56789
  • SINGER send it to 56789

2. Once you sent that message, then Jio will send you a message to get confirmation from you.

3. Same as you reply “Y“Jio will then send you a Confirmation Message. With this, the live tune has been set successfully in your live phone.

How long will the Caller Tune in Jio Phone be operational?

Caller tune in jio phone 1 month Will be on until If you want to turn it on again after that, then you have to repeat the said measures again, which will activate Jio Tune in your phone again.

The best thing is that you will not have to pay any money for this caller tune feature of Jio tune.

what did you learn today

I hope you have liked my article Jio phone me caller tune kaise lagaye. It has always been my endeavor to provide the readers with complete information about the live caller tune so that they can be contacted on other sites or internet There is no need to search in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write the following comments.

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