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How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Finding a perfect niche for affiliate marketing is one of the most difficult tasks for a newbie. Finding the right niche is the key to success in affiliate marketing. We don’t need any technical skills to start an affiliate site.
You just need to find a niche that has low competition and good revenue. Before we start finding the niche for affiliate marketing let me explain to you actually

Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

what affiliate marketing is? And how it works?

Affiliate marketing is an easy way of earning money online by promoting or selling other people’s or company’s products. You just need to refer a person to any product and when your referred person buys that product you will get a commission from the product seller.

For example, there are many hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, etc. who have an affiliate program. First, you have to join their affiliate program then you will get a unique affiliate link from them. You just need to share this link with your blog readers. When someone buys hosting plans from these hosting companies through your affiliate link, you will receive a fixed amount of commission from the hosting companies. Now come to the main topic, here are some tips that help you find a profitable niche of affiliate marketing.

Few Tips to Find Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Choose An Audience

The first step to finding a niche for affiliate marketing is choosing the audience. You should target to an audience that represents yourself. For example, if you are a college student then you should target 17-28 years old or middle-aged audience for your affiliate marketing blog. Because you can explain the products in a better way to your age peoples.

Usually, the interests and needs of same age persons are also the same. Also, you need to choose the country you are targeting. After selecting the audience just pick the niche that interests you and start promoting the products that your age peoples would like to buy.

Find the Niche With Good Amount of Searches on Google Search Engine

If there is nobody who searches for the products that you’re promoting then working hard in that niche is the waste of time. You should work on the popular and trending products to earn a good amount of commission. The product you’re promoting should have at least 1500-2000 monthly estimated searches. You can check the estimated monthly searches about a particular niche or product using a free tool known as Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Also, don’t select the niche that has monthly 15,000-20,000+ searches because you need to beat thousands of competitors to rank in highly searched products or niches. If any niche that you’re interested in has lots of searches, then you can select a sub-niche of that niche that has less competition.

Choose Niche with Lots of Products to Promote

Never build an affiliate marketing site that is just targeting a single product. Depending on the single product is not a good idea. Suppose, if the single product you’re targeting to suspends your site from its affiliate program. Then how will you make money? The site you have built will become useless if you will not make money out of it.

You have to start again a new affiliate marketing site to promote the same product. So, it’s safe to select a niche that has lots of products to promote. Also, you should recommend only those products that you have tried personally. Clickbank is a good example of the affiliate marketing site that is targeting lots of product categories.

Choose Most Profitable Niche

You should find the most profitable niche that can make lots of profit from each affiliate sale. If you are getting lots of sales but earning a very less amount of money that means your niche is not much profitable. You should target high priced products to gain a good amount of commission. Choosing an affiliate marketing niche that can’t make even one dollar from each sale then you should stop working on that niche.

It is always better to promote high priced premium products to earn ten times more commission per sale then low priced products who can’t even give you a commission of one dollar. In this way, you can make lots of money by just making a few sales. It is also a bad idea to promote very expensive products because there are very few persons who buy very expensive products. So, always promote those products that can be easily affordable by every type of person.

The above-mentioned tips work well for me to choose a niche for profitable affiliate marketing. I’m sure these tips are also going to help you in choosing the best niche for your new affiliate marketing site.

If you are confused about what products should you promote on your niche site, then you just need to go to, there you will see lots of categories with related products. You can select the products and even niche for your affiliate marketing site from Clickbank categories.



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