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How to Pick Best Domain Name for Your Blog

Choosing the right domain for your blog is the key to success. Your domain name represents your brand, so you should be more serious while choosing a domain name for your new blog. It’s almost impossible to change the domain name later.
If you try to change domain name after some months or years of working with the current domain name, then there are chances of losing visibility of your site in search engines. And also, there is a possibility of losing your regular readers. Changing a domain later is like going back to the same place from where you started. So, it will be better to go with a good domain name from the start.

Picking a good domain is a little hard because most of the good names are almost already registered. So, you need to be a little creative while choosing a domain name. Today I’m going to share some great tips that help you to pick the best domain name for your new blog.

How to Pick Best Domain for Your Blog

Best Domain Name for Your Blog

1.  Always Choose .COM 

There are many other TLDs available but .COM is the best of them. If you are really serious about blogging, then it is always recommended to go for a.COM domain name. Peoples usually remember site address from their brand name and doesn’t give much importance to extensions.

When they want to visit your website again, they just type brand name and most popular extension .com at the end. Using .COM extension at the end of every site name is the habit of most internet users. If your site is targeted to a specific country like India, then you can also go with country suffix (Like .in for India, .ca for Canada). If you are unable to find a good domain name with .COM TLD then you can also go with other popular TLD’s such as .NET, ORG, etc.

2. Use Your Main Keyword

Using the main keyword in the domain name will help you to rank faster for that keyword in search engines. A domain name with a keyword also helps your visitors to understand the niche of your blog.

For example, if your blog is about SEO then try to find a domain name that has an SEO keyword in its names like “” or “”.

3. Try to Keep it Short

The shorter the domain, the better it will be. Shorter domain names are easy to remember and easy to type also. If you choose a long domain name, then there are chances of mistyping in the browser. So, try to keep the length of your domain name maximum 15-16 characters or 1-3 words.

4. Avoid Hyphen and Numbers

It is possible to register a domain name with hyphen and numbers. A hyphen is a sign “-” which is used to join the two words like up-to-date. Domain name with one hyphen or dash is okay but using more than one hyphen makes your site URL ugly and it looks spammy also. Using numbers in a domain name is also not recommended. So, it will better to avoid hyphens and numbers while choosing the domain name.

5. Avoid Using Popular Brands Names in Your Domain Name

Don’t include the name of popular brands in your domain name. Popular brands like Google, Facebook, WordPress, Microsoft, etc. don’t allow anyone to use their brand name. If you register any domain name with famous brand names, then get ready for an official court notice. And at the end, you have to drop that domain name.

Using these registered brand names in your domain name is illegal. You can use a short name like “FB” instead of Facebook, “MS” instead of Microsoft, and “WP” instead of WordPress.

6. Buy Domain Name from Trusted Domain Registrars

There are lots of domain sellers of domain registrars available on the internet where you can purchase a domain name. Some of them are scammers also, so try to stay away from fake domain registrars. Always buy domains from those registrars who are in the accredited registrar’s list of ICANN.

I recommend you to buy a domain from Godaddy, which is one of the very trusted and well-known registrars. Godaddy is in this business for a very long time, and it offers domain names at a very low price than others.

I hope the above article will help you pick the best domain name for your blog. Check the history of a domain name that you’re going to buy. Because the domain name backlink profile can be bad, which is not good for SEO purposes. Also, try to grab the expired domain with good authority and high page rank to rank faster in search engines. If you know, any other valuable tips that help in choosing a good domain for a blog then feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments below.



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