What Is Aadhaar Card E- Signature

What Is Aadhaar Card E- Signature

What Is Digital Signature?

In a simple language, I explain the digital signature is a very simple think you can use the digital signature in your daily life like your Facebook password and your Gmail password. This is also a digital signature by you when you write correct password the website and the service provide you to enter on your account.

The Aadhaar digital signature is very useful for those people who do not give the full Aadhaar card for a single date of birth verification.

What Is Aadhaar Card E- Signature

Use of Digital Signature:

  1. If you’re confused about how to use your digital signature in your daily life I am let me explain some daily use of your digital signature.
  2. If you’re shopping with an online E-Commerce store then they deliver your product in your home but they do not take your sign in the paper. the delivery boy uses their mobile device for taking your signature this is called the digital signature by you.
  3. A digital signature is used in your Aadhaar Card if you are generating your e KYC Aadhaar then you need to set your password like a digital signature.
  4. The digital signature has so many benefits and you need to be secure about your digital signature.

The Benefit of Digital Signature

  1. No physical presentation required if you are applying for Aadhaar e signature then you do not need to physically present to verify your document and sign on your any documents. The digital signature is remotely used by any time from anywhere.
  2. It is very flexible and if you are giving your virus scan for your fingerprint then and the other way it does it with one time password the person receive a one-time password for his registered mobile number and confirm the verification that’s made the whole process easy and highly flexible.
  3. Safety all the service provider and certified service providers that provide CCA. so that your digital signature is very secured and two-step verification including with your Aadhaar card.
  4. The digital e signature with Aadhaar they protect your privacy like Aadhaar information Aadhaar number and your personal details with your address they secure private details with others.

What is Aadhaar Card Password?

Aadhaar Card Password is used for open your Aadhaar card in PDF format if you can download your Aadhaar card which UIDAI website then you need to enter your Aadhaar Card Password the UIDAI website set the default password for Aadhaar card. I am giving some example for or your password you need to 4 latter in your name and your date of birth this is your password for open your PDF Aadhaar card which you are download with UIDAI website.

Example 1: Your name is MAHESH KUMAR
Your Year of Birth is 1987
Then your E-Aadhaar password is MAHE1987

Example 2: Your name is RAM KUMAR
Your Year of Birth is 1986
Then your E-Aadhaar password is RAMK1986

Example 3: Your name is R.A. KUMAR
Your Year of Birth is 1988
Then your E-Aadhaar password is R.A.1988

Example 4: Your name is SHI
Your Year of Birth is 1889
Then your E-Aadhaar password is SHI1889

Why is the Password Required?

Most of the people asked the same question of why the password is required for their PDF. so suppose you are carrying your Aadhaar PDF with your phone or your computer if your phone is a loss. then the person easily knows your Aadhaar number. and this is not good for your Aadhaar card they can misuse your Aadhaar Card number.

Show the UIDAI provide you a default password for your Aadhaar Card and the Aadhaar Card PDF do not show your name so no one get easily check your Aadhaar Card number with the PDF. So we need the Aadhaar password for protecting the Aadhaar information.

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