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Who invented the electronic diary and when?

Who invented electronic diaryThe In the last few decades, technology has progressed very rapidly. There were many inventions in every field, some of which were like atomic bombs, which created negative effects, while some inventions were like computers which brought a new revolution in the world. After the invention of the computer, there were many inventions related to it which made the computer world even better.

One such invention ‘Electronic DiaryBelonged to The invention of Electronic Diary cannot be counted among the important inventions of the world, but it has made our life much easier. A few decades ago, if we had to note something, we used to do it in the diary. Because we had no choice, the matters related to privacy and even the important things related to business were also noted in the diary.

Be it the story or any article, the diary was a part of life. Even today, no one can take the place of a diary full of emotions, but if it is lost or lost? Then there is a big mess. But the invention of Electronic Dairy has overcome this problem of ours.

In this article we will talk about the invention of electronic diary. Today we will know that Name of inventor of ‘electronic diary’‘ And ‘When was the electronic diary invented‘?

What is an electronic diary?

Electronic Dairy Primarily, a software which is mainly used to write diaries digitally in a computer. As long as the electronic diary software is installed in your computer, you can write Digital Dairies in your computer, in which you can note anything or write it whether it is personal or professional.

With the help of Internet, you can access Electronic Dairies in any corner of the world, so that you do not have the fear of losing it. but many Electronic Dairy Software They work on Computer Data rather than Internet.

If we get a little deeper, then Electronic Dairy is software that is used to input daily work schedules, list of work to be done, list of tasks to be done, arrange appointments and your computer network But it is done for tasks like sharing any information with other colleagues.

That is, Electronic Dairy is used more for professional purposes. Electronic diaries make a lot of work easier in professional life.

Electronic Dairy Softwares There are two types. Offline works first of these. All the data of offline softwares are saved in the computer’s storage itself, while there are some online software whose data is saved online. Today, almost all Electronic Dairy Softwares offer both options.

That is, if you prepare a dairy in a computer without internet, then that data will come and be saved in the computer and if you write a diary using the internet, then that data will be from above the cloud, that is, it will later be sent to another computer. Can also be opened on the device. for example Google Keep Can be taken.

Who invented the electronic diary?

Although the invention of electronic diary is not considered so important as the inventor of computer or internet, but in today’s time, electronic diary has made many tasks easier for professionals. The electronic diary was not invented by any foreigner but by an Indian.

Satyan G Pitroda

The person who invented the electronic diary was ‘Satyan G Pitroda’. According to the United States Patent Association, Satyan Pitroda is the official father of the electronic diary. He filed his invention in the US Petent Association on October 10, 1975. Satyan G Pitroda Many people get their other name ‘Sam Petroda‘(Sam Petroda).

When was the electronic diary invented?

Sam Petroda invented the electronic diary at a time when hardly anyone would have thought of such a software. At that time computer was a modern thing for people, so information about other software connected to computer was difficult. Electronic diary invented by Satyan Petroda Year 1975 I did

Accurate information is not available on what day he did this invention, but he October 10 1975 Was filed in the United States Patent Society to become the official patent of this invention.

Specific information related to the inventor of the electronic diary, Sam Petroda

Sam Petroda’s full name ‘Satyanarayan Gangaram Petroda‘ Huh. Sam was born on 16 November 1942. He had 7 siblings, of whom he was the third number. Sam was born in a Gujarati family in Titlaghar, Odisha. He had a great interest in technology since his childhood, which also made him an inventor. Being born into a Gujarati family, Sam Petroda had great faith in Mahatma Gandhi and his principles.

Sam and his brother were sent to Gujarat for studies as a child. Sam did his early studies from a school called Vallabh Vidyanagar in Gujarat and later received a master’s degree from Maharaja Sayajirao University Physics and Electronics in Vadodara.

After taking a master’s degree from Gujarat, he went to the United States and received a Masters in Electrical Engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

In 1966, Sam started working in one of the Chicago companies and while working in the same company, he invented the electronic diary. After this, he worked in many companies and started achieving success in the technical world while abroad.

Satyanarayana Gangaram Petroda also helped India in advancing the field of technology. Sam Petroda is also considered the father of India’s computer and IT revolution. Sam is currently in politics under the Indian Congress Party.

Importance of electronic diary

Sam Petroda is always included in the list of Indians who have brought laurels to India in the field of technology globally. He not only invented electronic diaries but has also worked in high positions in many international companies. Since the time electronic diary was not invented, it was not as it is today.

Sam Pitroda’s electronic diary software worked on computer-based storage, whereas today’s electronic diary software works on the Internet. But if we do not invent the beans, then we do not get to see this modern form.

In today’s time, we get to see Electronic Dairy not only in computer but also in our smartphone, tablet etc. all devices. Electronic diaries are currently available in the form of software, applications and websites. It works in almost all operating systems like IOS, Android, MacOS और Windows Works for etc.

All Softwares and Apps like Google Keep, Samsung Notes, Google Docs, MS Word etc. are considered as an evolved form of electronic diary. That is, this invention is an important invention for all professionals, including me and maybe you.

what did you learn today

I hope you find this article of mine Who invented electronic diary Must have liked It has always been my endeavor to provide the complete information of the electronic diary to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write the following comments.

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